Birthin' Mamma Cake

Mamma Cake

Bake this "Birthin' Mamma" cake for Blessingways, childbirth classes and postpartum celebrations. Making the Birthin' Mamma cake with friends for someone you love or for parents in your childbirth class is another sweet ritual of preparation.


Ingredients & Supplies

  • Batter for two cakes, or two boxes of cake mix
  • Baking bowls and tins described below
  • Frosting
  • Icing in various colors to make mother's hair, eyes and mouth, breasts and/or spirals or other symbol on the mother's belly
  • Chocolate sprinkles for public hair
  • Chocolate kisses for nipples
  • Tasty treats to make earrings, facial features or colorful patterns and designs on the Mamma, such as M&M's, nuts, licorice, etc.
  • Large cookie sheet or rigid cardboard lined with foil, upon which to assemble and frost the baked cake.

Make enough batter for two cakes; the cake flavor is your choice. Oil your baking pans and glass baking bowls with the following shapes:

  • Two glass (Pyrex) bowls (not flat bottom cake pans) to make the Mamma's round head and a round belly (approximately 6 inches and 10 inches in diameter, respectively)
  • Four to eight small bread loaf pans 2" x 5"; later, these "loaves" will be arranged length-wise, to make the arms and legs (or use Twinkies to make the appendages).
  • Three cupcakes; these will become the breasts and the baby's emerging head (see photo).

Pour batter into these shapes, bake according to your recipe, then cool.
Assemble the Cake Shapes
Cover a large cookie pan or wooden board with foil. Lightly "frost" the surface; the frosting should roughly simulate the shape of the cake-mamma. This frosting "glue" will prevent the cake parts from sliding when you move it.

  • Place the small and large bowl-shaped cakes on the frosted-surface to make the  Mamma's "head" and "belly" You may need to cut a little off the body and head round to get a better fit with the head/neck and appendages.
  • Arrange the arms and legs in the position you like (be creative, you don't have to imitate ours).
  • Frost the head, body, legs and arms. Use generous amounts of frosting to join head to body, and arms and legs to the body and at the "bent" joints of the appendages, too.
  • Place the "tops" of two cupcakes as her breasts, and then frost them.
  • Position the third "crowning" cupcake "between her legs" to represent the baby's head being born.
  • Attach the baby's head to the mother's body using frosting.

Be creative!  There's no one way to do this. Every Birthin' Mamma Cake is one-of-a-kind.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use a small tube of black icing to make few swirls for the mother's hair.
  • Sprinkle chocolate-sprinkles for pubic hair (and a few in the armpits).
  • Large Hershey's kisses make great nipples.
  • Using a small tube of red frosting, make on open mouth on the mother's face, and even a spiral on her round belly.
  • Make two small eyes with black or chocolate frosting, or M&M's.
  • A wavy, black-frosted cupcake becomes the "crowning" baby's hair, or try very thin licorice.

R&R CakeServe the Birthin' Mamma Cake at the end of a Childbirth Class, Blessingway or gathering for doulas or midwives. You can completely decorate the Mamma Cake in advance, or simply frost her and let everyone add designs and symbols to her using small tubes of frosting and a variety of small edible shapes (candy, nuts, raisins, etc). You can also serve the cake with candles.
Enjoy! Be sure to take a photo first!

Rob and Robyn with their Birthin' Mamma Cake!