Birthing From Within   $19.95

Bfw_book This is book that is electrifying the birth world! The BIRTHING FROM WITHIN approach prepares a mother to birth from within. She needs insights into what labor and birth will be like from her perspective, and preparation to be in labor and give birth as a mother. BIRTHING FROM WITHIN offers guidance through the emotional, spiritual, psychic and social mists which enshroud birth in our culture. Highlights include: proven pain-coping techniques, inner exploration through journaling and birth art, birth from the father's perspective, how to ask questions and get information, compassionate use of drugs, and spiritual cesarean birth. Discover your own wisdom and birth power: Read BIRTHING FROM WITHIN!     Add To Cart

Inanna--Queen of Heaven And Earth   $15.00

Inanna-book-cover With the publication of this book, we have for the first time in any modern literary form one of the most vital of ancient myths--that of Inanna (known to the Semites as Ishtar), the world's first goddess of recorded history and the beloved deity of the ancient Sumerians. In this groundbreaking work, Samuel Noah Kramer, the preeminent living expert on Sumer, and Diane Wolkstein, a gifted storyteller and folklorist, have retranslated, ordered, and combined the fragmented cuneiform tablets comprising the Cycle of Inanna to create an authentic portrait of the goddess from her adolescence to her completed womanhood and "godship." Illustrated with visual artifacts of the period, the images guide the reader through Inanna's realm on a journey parallel to the one evoked by the text. And the carefully wrought commentaries at once explicate and amplify the power, wonder, and mystery embedded in these ancient tales. Tender, erotic, and compassionate, Inanna is a compelling myth that is timely in its rediscovery.     Add To Cart

Labyrinth of Birth    $13.95


Pam's Latest Book!

Pam England, author and founder of "BIRTHING FROM WITHIN," is reviving a nearly forgotten tradition of using labyrinth meditations, ceremonies and great stories in childbirth preparation and healing. She wrote this book  in response to a growing yearning among new parents for ceremony and personal growth during the childbearing year.

The timeless and powerful symbol of the labyrinth forms the core of this collection of fourteen meditations and ceremonies designed to transform the experience of the childbearing year. A variety of labyrinths, including childbirth labyrinths from many cultures and traditions, are presented in this book, along with the history and symbolism of the labyrinth and black-and-white illustrations and photos on nearly every page. Beautiful instructions for drawing and making a variety of labyrinths are included.

This book is essential for pregnant women and anyone who works with women in the childbearing year. Makes a lovely gift for a mother-to-be: the perfect companion to "BIRTHING FROM WITHIN."

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Labyrinth of Birth - BULK (6 books)   $66.00

Save $18 when you order in bulk. (Save over $3 per book: perfect if you are an educator or small business)

If you'd like to order more than 6, please contact the office at or 805-964-6611.

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Los Cuatro Acuerdos   $12.95


En Los Cuatro Acuerdos, don Miguel Ruiz revela la fuente de todas las creencias que nos ponen limites y nos privan de alegria, creando sufrimiento inutil. Basados en la antigua sabiduria tolteca, Los Cuatro Acuerdos nos ofrecen un poderoso codigo de conducta que puede transformar inmediatamente nuestra vida en una nueva experiencia de libertad, dicha absoluta, y amor.

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Narrative Medicine - The Use of History and Story in the Healing Process   $20.00

Narmed_1_ Lewis Mehl-Madrona's Narrative Medicine examines the foundations of the indigenous use of story as a healing modality.  Citing numerous case stories that demonstrate the profound power of narrative in healing, the author shows that when we learn to dialogue with disease, we come to understand the power of the story we tell about our illness and our possibilities for better health.  This approach also includes examining our relationships to our family and extended community to find underlying disharmony that may need healing.  Mehl-Madrona points the way to a new model of medicine-a health care system that draws its effectiveness from listening to the healing wisdom of the past and also to the present-day voices of its patients.     Add To Cart

Questions to Awaken Your Creative Power   $15.00


By Michele Cassou, author of Life, Paint and Passion. Helpful questions to awaken your creative power to the fullest. A great resource while creating art and mentoring parents' doing birth art. This booklet presents a series of ready-made questions to stimulate inspiration and dissolve creative blocks. It will guide you through the different stages of the creative process.
Recommended use after reading Life, Paint and Passion and Point Zero Painting

Click here for more info about Michele Cassou and Process Painting. 

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The "Everything" Toltec Wisdom Book   $15.00


Author Allan Hardman, following in the footsteps of his teacher don Miguel Ruiz (author of "the Four Agreements"), explains and expands upon the Toltec model of personal growth and transformation. This model has inspired a new direction in BIRTHING FROM WITHIN's understanding and use of archetypal imagery and language. This book helps to explain the archetypes of Victim, Judge, and Love Warrior in a straightforward manner which helps bring compassion and self-acceptance to your life and work.

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The Belly Mapping Workbook   $14.95


The Belly Mapping Workbook has 48 packed pages with over 100 photos and drawings to help pregnant women, their partners and providers match the baby's kicks and wiggles within to the correct fetal position diagram. Abundant tips for flipping a breech to head down, identifying and laboring with the posterior, sunny-side up fetus, and trusting the birth process included. Transparency of Gail's Fetal Compass Rose included to double check the parents' own Belly Map. A fun activity for bonding in pregnancy. Can be used for a proactive childbirth preparation for those interested in natural childbirth. Simple, yet complete. Makes a great gift.

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The Four Agreements   $12.95

The_four_agreements In The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec Wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.     Add To Cart

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