Worry is the Work of Pregnancy

by Pam England and Virginia Bobro

Many new mothers are surprised that they didn’t feel prepared for birth; they express deep regret that they didn’t acknowledge or listen to inner doubt or fear during pregnancy, instead brushing it away with positivity, denial, or obsessive information-gathering. Yet worry is part and parcel of experiencing a Rite of Passage; facing the unknown naturally elicits a bit of fear. Worry is a kind of curiosity, wondering about what might happen and how you can respond. Use your imagination and creativity to awaken hidden sources of courage and power within you; worry can help you to become stronger. 

A Birth Warrior worries effectively: Acknowledge that the thing you worry about (perhaps secretly) could happen. Then imagine: if it did happen, what is one small thing you could do to help yourself get through it? In the long run, doing that one small thing may serve you better than doing nothing, hoping it won’t happen, or expecting someone else will save you or fix it.

Excerpted from their new book, Birthing From Within: Ancient Map for Modern Birth, coming in 2015.


Maria Jacobs
Maria Jacobs

March 03, 2015

When ist the book coming?

Jessica Bullock
Jessica Bullock

February 27, 2015

This is such a simple, short post, but nevertheless, I am almost moved to tears! So much wisdom. You guys are knocking it outta the park. I can’t wait for your new book.

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