Sneak peek at our new book's Table of Contents

Ancient Map for Modern BirthBirthing From Within's new book, by Pam England with Virginia Bobro, is titled, "Ancient Map for Modern Birth." The book is WRITTEN; Yes, that part is done! We are excited to launch an IndieGogo crowd-funding campaign in the next week, in order to get the book designed, printed, and shipped. So stay tuned for that fun--there will be tons of great perks and opportunities to pre-order the book. Our early supporters will get books hot-off-the-presses right around the New Year. It will be available for sale by February. 

To whet your appetite, here is a peek at the "Compass"  (our term for the table of contents):


Part I: Ancient Map

1     Ancient Map for Modern Birth

2     Laborinth: The Birth Warrior’s Map

3     Inanna’s Descent: A Great Story

Part II: The Call

4    Your Call is an Invitation

5    Three Ways of Knowing

6     Innocence and Trust

Part III: Awaken the Mother

7    The Mother

8    Placenta Clock

9    Is Ultrasound Safe for my Baby?

10    Seeing Your Baby: Womb with a View

11    Nourishing the Life Within

12    Incubation Rituals


Part IV: Tasks of Preparation

13   The Gatherer   

14   Leaving “Home”

15    Birth Attendants

16    Birthplace

17    Relaxin’ and Openin’ your Pelvis

18    Maps Through Labor Pain

19    Ceremony and Celebration

20    The Huntress

21    Worry is the Work of Pregnancy

22    Birth Tiger Safari

23    The Birth Warrior

24    The Birth Plan of a Warrior

25    Informed Consent is a Dialogue

26    Last Task of Preparation: Prepare for Return

Part V: Gates of Laborland

27    Crossing the Threshold

28    Maps for Laborland

29    Through the Seven Gates

30    The Gatekeeper

31    Optimal Positions in Labor

32     What to Do for Stalled Labor and Back Labor

33     Pushing Baby Out

34     The Fool

35    When the Unexpected Happens—get back on your horse!

36    Epidural

37    Induction

38    Cesarean Birth

39    Birthin’ Again After Cesarean

40    Death of the Maiden, Birth of the Mother

Part VI: The Warrior Returns

41    Your Journey Home: Tasks of the Return

42    Warming the Mother

43    Welcoming Your Baby

44    Breastfeeding From Within

45    Birth Story Gates

46    Postpartum Mood Disorders

47    Rituals of the Return

48    The Warrior’s Treasure



July 17, 2016

Pam, I took your Birthing From Within Mentor classes (in Dallas) when your book first came out-it was healing for me- then a young woman. I am convinced our cultural mindset and environment has much to do with our ability to carry full term and the ability to conceive. Why are older women ridiculed for wanting to have a baby? Being told they have “old eggs” the power of thoughts taking root is real. I am healthy… still waiting and hoping and trusting… instead of giving up and letting go of my dream and desire for a baby from my womb.

Mimi Mateo
Mimi Mateo

October 17, 2015

Your vision has impacted everything I do! As a midwife caring for women with pregnancies complicated by diabetes, chronic hypertension and auto immune disorders has given me the tools I need to support each couple on their hero’s journey . I am thrilled to imagine the next step.

Mavis Gewant
Mavis Gewant

October 16, 2015

hi pam,
i would love to donate a birth labyrinth yantra as a perk for your campaign. let me know if you are interested?

Carolina Quintana de Oropeza
Carolina Quintana de Oropeza

October 12, 2015

Very Dear Pam, Your first book got to me when after teaching for twenty some years, I kept feeling, something was missing, and then I discovered YOU!!!! Teaching Birthing From Within in Guadalajara, has been an incredible journey, but mostly, I am thrilled with what couples learn from themselves, THAT THEY ARE THE EXPERTS!!!!, THAT THEY KNOW SO MUCH WITHIN THEMSELVES!!!!. Then in one Red Tent, I met Virginia and I have been so interested always in what both of you do; I can´t wait to read this new book!!!!!. Love Carolina

Kathie Neff
Kathie Neff

October 08, 2015

A more rich or juicy compass I have never seen! Bring on the Crowd-Funding! The birth world needs the Water of Life and Food of Life of this book. Can’t wait!!


October 08, 2015

WOW! Can’t wait to read this special book! February can’t come soon enough!


October 08, 2015

So excited for the new edition! Looks fantastic!

Cindy Smith IBCLC
Cindy Smith IBCLC

October 08, 2015

Well done! Can’t wait to read it

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