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Advanced Mentor Workshop & Retreat

As soon as you've successfully completed your Home-Study prerequisites, take another life-changing step on your journey to becoming a Certified BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® Mentor. Our Advanced Mentor Retreat is for Mentors whose eyes and hearts were opened wide by mind-blowing paradigm shifts during, and after, their Introductory Workshop (Level One). These Retreats are facilitated by Pam England and/or Virginia Bobro. During the Introductory Workshop and Home-Study, you learn basic techniques and by practicing the step-by-step recipes, you step out of your comfort zone and begin to gain confidence. The Advanced Retreat is more about finding your mentor instinct and intuition, moving beyond following recipes. 

Before you can awaken the Love Warrior in parents, you must undergo a process of awakening your own Love Warrior. Before you can create powerful paradigm shifts in parents, you must experience those shifts within yourself. Before you can lead ritual and initiate others, you must experience ritual and be initiated. You will give and receive constructive feedback on your mentoring style and skills from peers, Certified Mentors, and the Facilitators. Brilliant teaching moments will be applauded, and there will be ample time to explore new solutions and strategies for challenging situations.

Highlights of what you will learn and experience:

• Creative Visualizations
• Birth Tiger Safari
• Coyote Circle and other juicy pain-coping processes
• Archetypes of Birth & The Birth Warrior's Journey
• Storytelling: Inanna's Descent, Initiation, and Return
• New Birth Art Processes

Upcoming Retreats:

November 6-12, 2017

Santa Barbara, California 


When you leave home for this Retreat, know that you will return forever changed.

Make a deposit now to save your space in this very special retreat exclusively offered to twenty Mentors on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, we reserve four spaces for our Advanced Mentors to repeat this Retreat at a discount. (Registration is limited to allow for personal attention and closely supervised work with the Facilitator(s). Certain workshops may have lower maximums, depending on venue.) Advanced Mentor Retreats are held in beautiful, serene, affordable locations that allow you to immerse yourself in beauty and solitude while you explore and cultivate new ways of mentoring and make new, life-long friends.

Advanced Retreats are six-day workshops. Tuition varies, but is usually $750-$900 (depending on location) and includes your Advanced Home-Study packet, in addition to all-inclusive room and board (usually $750-900, depending on location and room choice) and travel. We select retreat locations based on affordability, beauty, geography, food, and other amenities. If you have suggestions for future retreat locations, please contact us

Who can attend this Retreat? This Retreat is reserved for Mentors in our Certification Program who have successfully completed the Home-Study prerequisites.

It is a week that will end too quickly... and that you will cherish forever.

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Past Advanced Retreats: