Your Birth Story is Important

For many women, the experience of giving birth and becoming a mother evokes strong memories and a range of emotions. It is one of the most powerful and profound events of your life, and, no matter the outcome, it can be infused with negative feelings. In our culture, “healthy mother, healthy baby” may be considered the only thing of value, yet what happened to you matters. Come to Birthing From Within for some Birth Story Healing.

What is emotional birth trauma?

Anyone who gives birth or witnesses a birth (a birthing mother, father, or birth attendant) can experience emotional birth trauma. They may feel deep sadness, regret, anger, shame, grief, blame, numbness, or disappointment about event(s) that happened surrounding the birth. While some people avoid thinking about certain parts of the birth, others mentally re-play moments over and over again, wondering what should have been done differently. They may try to sort it out on their own or just brush it off. And while talking about it, swapping stories, or venting with similarly wounded moms may provide temporary relief, these approaches do not bring lasting resolution or healing. So, what does?

Our Birth Story Medicine® is different – and it works.

Birth Story Medicine is an uplifting guided personal-growth process that brings insight, resolution, and healing after a difficult or disappointing birth. Our unique model has its roots in Pam England’s personal journey of learning and healing after her unexpected, traumatic cesarean birth. Birth Story Healing has been continually refined over decades of listening to birth stories and through the vision, observations, and experiments of Pam England and her creative adaptations and integration of others’ work. Now, she has inspired and taught hundreds of women to skillfully and sensitively guide these sessions all over the world.

Mothers and birth professionals praise our Birth Story Medicine* process. In just one or two sessions, a profound difference is made, even for women who have “tried everything else.” It is never too soon, nor too late, to find new meaning and healing in your birth story. 

You will be amazed at what can change in just one Birth Story session.


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*Birth Story Medicine can be offered by mentors in many fields, including midwives, childbirth teachers, doulas, support group leaders, life-coaches, etc. We do not offer certification or any credential in association with our workshops or distance courses. It is simply a class offering information, self-awareness practices, and communication skills to anyone who works with mothers.  

Birth Story Medicine® is not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy.

Birth Story Medicine is a registered trademark that may not be used without prior written permission from Pam England.