Every Birth Story-Teller needs a Birth Story-Listener*…but who is listening? 


If you are a childbirth teacher, nurse, midwife, doula, LLL Leader, ICAN leader, or therapist, this distance course is for you. When you talk to mothers who areangry, disappointed, guilty, or sad about their births, do you feel angry, stuck, or speechless? Is it hard to listen deeply to them, because you only hear the judgments, advice, and confusion in your own mind? In this seven-week course, you will learn to listen deeply, to yourself and to mothers. By learning how to be a Birth Story listener (BSL), you'll discover powerful and effective ways to heal and restore those who have lost a part of themselves in birth or postpartum, and you will become an even more valuable resource in your community.

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Birth stories are the single most influential factor in childbirth preparation and postpartum recovery; yet, so few really know how to listen to or learn from them. Birth stories are shared casually (anywhere, anytime, with anyone) without regard for the emotional impact on those who tell them or those who hear them. 

Changing birth stories changes the future, for mothers and our culture. Join us in making this shift.  

We offer a two-part distance course (online+phone calls) that include: weekly conference calls, online readings, forum discussions, journaling, assignments, practice sessions, and individualized feedback on your learning and skills. Pam England and Virginia Bobro are the instructors. Space is limited to ensure personal attention.

PART 1: New ways to think about, listen to, and tell birth stories (four weeks with 4 conference calls, readings, and assignments)

PART 2: Offering Birth Story Medicine® (four weeks with 5 conference calls, readings, assignments, and practice sessions, PLUS a 30-minute private phone/Skype call with Pam or Virginia to experience the Birth Story process yourself.)

You will learn how to:

  • Identify “seeds” of birth trauma.
  • Distinguish and speak to the Archetypes of Birth™.
  • Recognize characteristics of the nine Birth-Story Gates.
  • Learn how to entrain, contain, and lead individuals or groups in a dynamic dialog and process. 
  • Respond to parents who are processing difficult births.
  • Experience a paradigm shift from problem-focused to solution-focused thinking and conversation.
  • Integrate your own intense personal experiences. 
  • Create transformative Birth Story Circles and Red Tents. 


Women from around the world have taken this course. Here's what they are saying about it:

"I find it quite incredible how every workshop I take from BFW exceeds my expectations. One would think I would expect this by now!"
~Danit Tsur Almog, Israel

"I learned an amazing amount in seven weeks. By the end of the course, I have a much deeper understanding, not only of birth trauma and how to work with it, but I also have strengthened my skills in all other areas of birth work. I believe that this work is very much at the heart of everything we're doing prenatally, during birth, and postpartum as educators, mentors, and doulas...It's incredible how a process so simple, when embodied, can produce such profound insights and healing."
~Fiore Grey, Colorado

*Birth Story Medicine® can be offered by mentors in many fields, including midwives, childbirth teachers, doulas, support group leaders, life-coaches, etc. We do not offer certification or any credential in association with our workshops or distance courses. It is simply a class offering information, self-awareness practices, and communication skills to anyone who works with mothers.  

Birth Story Medicine® is not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy.