Your Pathway to Completing the Introductory Level

 Live Calls Schedule:

Tuesdays, I pm PST:

January 30, February 27, March 27, May 1, May 29, June 26.

If you attended a Level One Introduction to Mentoring workshop anytime before the end of 2017, you can enroll in the “Birthy Dozen” which begins on January 30, 2018. You will participate in a combination series of six consecutive monthly pre-recorded webinar-lessons followed by a live, interactive 90-minute meeting with a certified or advanced mentor and your peers.

The webinar-lessons will be offered in a sequence that builds momentum, logic, skills, and confidence, and cover topics such as: Whetting a Mother’s Appetite for Prenatal Nutrition in 15 minutes; the Feminine, Ferocious & Healing Path of Mentoring; and Enhancing Your Motivational Teaching, among others.

Following each webinar-lesson—using the Zoom platform—you will participate in a 90-minute live interactive meeting with Pam England or a certified mentor/BFW advisor. The Zoom platform allows everyone to see one another during discussions and demonstrations, which enhances your learning process. You can practice your mentoring skills, complete your reading, and complete your Level One certification in just six months.

All webinars and live-meetings will be recorded. Should circumstances prevent you from attending a webinar or a live call, you can still listen to the webinar-lesson(s) you missed at your earliest convenience, then join the next live meeting—and keep going. The maximum time limit to complete all six calls will be eight months.

Upon completion of Level One, you are eligible to take any of the specialized, delicious, advanced mentor courses, webinars, or workshops; these will be announced in future newsletters.  

  • If you recently took a Level I but were waiting to enroll in the new certification program (and you did not  pay the former $325 or $350 fees), your required pathway will be the Birthy Dozen and your enrollment fee is $200.

  • If you completed your Level One packet, but want a refresher, the Birthy Dozen is $120.


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