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If you enjoyed reading Birthing From Within, your confidence and personal growth will be enhanced when you take Birthing From Within childbirth classes with a trained Mentor or Doula. Read more about Birthing From Within childbirth preparation and what to expect in a class.

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Explore our listing of official Birthing From Within Mentors and Doulas throughout the world, and conveniently find one in your community. The Mentors and Doulas listed in our website directory have completed various levels of training and are either enrolled in our Certification Program or are Certified, and are receiving ongoing long-distance support and supervision.

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If Birthing From Within classes are not offered near you, or you want to supplement your preparation, you can benefit from our approach by ordering our books and CDs, and by taking a private session with Pam England or Virginia Bobro. Sign up for one class or a series. Your class selections will be tailored to your needs and goals.

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We offer these fine books in our store: Birthing From Within and Labyrinth of Birth, as well as our "Pain-Coping for Parents" CD, which offers education and practice in bringing mindfulness to your pregnancy and birth.


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Due to the popularity of our popular Birthing From Within book and our powerful approach, some teachers refer to their classes as "inspired by Birthing From Within" or "Based on the book."  Please be aware that if a person's name is not in our website directory, they are not permitted to represent Birthing From Within. Some people have read our book and utilized some of processes in the book, or perhaps they took a training at some point (we have offered workshops since 1999); however, our approach is sophisticated, multi-faceted, and has evolved over time. It takes in-depth and thorough training and support to teach authentic Birthing From Within classes. Therefore we only recommend Mentors and Doulas who are listed in our directory as representing our philosophy, methods, and approach. "Birthing From Within" is a registered trademark.

If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us at our Contact page or by calling us at: 805-964-6611.