Our Doula From Within program begins with the three-day Introductory Workshop "The Art of Childbirth Mentoring"

We believe new and experienced birth-related professionals benefit from:

  • New inspiration, a fresh perspective, and peer support.
  • Cultivating communication skills and learning a delicious, indirect style that motivates and teaches parents before, during  and after birth.
  • Resolving judgments and grief that naturally arise from working in the birth world.

What we may cover in our workshop:

  • Scope of practice and ethical guidelines
  • How to conduct lively prenatal interviews (that teach!)
  • Optimal fetal positioning for an easier birth: what it is and why it is important
  • Speaking the language of Labor land
  • Identifying and meeting the special needs of fathers, partners and families 
  • Etiquette and building rapport with birth professionals
  • How to process your experience after each birth (to prevent gradual birth trauma that may lead to burn out)
Because we have so many wonderful processes to cover and only three days, we can't cover things such as birth basics, hands-on practice, or nuts-and-bolts doula stuff. We recommend taking other workshops if you are new to birth and doula work. During our time together, we focus on things that are unique to being aBIRTHING FROM WITHIN® mentor and doula, and there are many other wonderful doula training organizations that can help you with the more practical aspects of doula work. Our HomeStudy portion of the doula certification program involves reading and research on your own, and getting together to discuss it on our monthly doula seminar conference calls. For information about our conference calls, please contact us at contact@birthingfromwithin.com

If you want to become a BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Doula

You must take the Introductory Workshop, then enroll in our Doula Certification Program. You may also choose to enroll in our Mentor Program as well. Find out more about our Doula Certification Program and Mentor Certification Program.

Note about Workshop Schedule:

In 2007, we begin offering our new Doula training-workshops and our new dual training and certification programs (Mentor plus Doula Certification). This means allIntroductory Workshops will contain the information necessary to join both the mentor program as well as the doula program so you can conveniently take both during the same weekend.

Visit these pages for more information

Current workshop schedule
Cancellation policy


This training can be taken for contact hours/continuing education credits. We invite all participants to join our Certification Program (attending this workshop is the first step), but it is not required.

Our Doula From Within training weekend is open to all who are interested in supporting women (and their partners) throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Whether you are an aspiring, new, experienced, or already certified doula, we welcome you!