Doula Conference Calls

Mentors and Doulas who are enrolled in our Certification Program are invited to participate in monthly conference calls, which are facilitated by Advisors, Facilitators, and Pam England. To whet your appetite, below is more information about our calls and a sample menu of some past and planned conference call topics.

There is only so much you can learn and absorb in your first packed-with-information workshop! Our Introductory workshop provides an overview of holistic doula work and your map to certification; it builds a strong foundation for basic doula skills and sparks a critical paradigm shift in the way you see birth and the holistic role of the doula.

When you get home and begin talking with prospective parents, you will apply the new principles of communication and solution-focused interviewing techniques you learned, but naturally new questions will arise. You can bring these to the conference calls and deepen your new interviewing and teaching skills.

After going to your first labors and births, you will have lots of questions and insights you will want to share with others who are on this journey with you. Our monthly calls are "Touch points" that provide ongoing information, skill-building, and an opportunity to understand your own experiences as a doula—not only what happened in the labor, but also what happened within you. With the guidance of an experienced Advisor, you will gain valuable experience in learning how to process your experience of each birth. Our intention is to help you to avoid birth trauma and burnout, as doulas who give so much of yourselves to the families you support.

You may attend every call, or you may choose topics of interest. You are required to participate in at least three Doula conference calls in order to complete certification. Calls are scheduled for the second Tuesday of every month (alternating between morning and afternoon, Pacific time), to ensure opportunity for participation. We also archive all recordings, so there are dozens of hours of rich, meaningful, information packed "classes" available to you anytime, anywhere!

You will benefit from learning with peers from around the globe, including Australia, UK, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Spain, South Africa, and more. 

Sample Topics: 

•  Giving an effective professional presentation to help build your local business
•  Getting down to business: networking & building your doula business
•  Drugs and epidurals: what a doula needs to know and do
•  Teen pregnancy and birth
•  Mourning the birth and/or baby; what to do if the baby is born sick or premature, or dies
•  Postpartum home visits: etiquette and guidelines

•  Induction and Augmentation 
•  Cesarean Birth: how to help parents before, during, and after 

•  Postpartum mood disorders
•  What to do during difficult labors
•  Breastfeeding basics, diet & trouble-shooting 

•  Doula's scope of practice

• "Good News" in Birth: uplifting stories and research from around the world 
•  Helping moms integrate and understand their birth story

Please note: BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® does not charge for these calls, but participants are responsible for any long-distance charges. Calling cards, VOIP, and cell-phones help reduce the cost. All calls are recorded into MP3 files, for our records.