Eagle Express 2014-2015

Mentoring Support Guided by Pam England and Virginia Bobro 

Pam and Virginia (and perhaps guest speakers/teachers) will lead a 15-month distance class, via conference call and online discussion, for Bear Mentors seeking additional and ongoing support, practice, information, inspiration, accountability, feedback, and deadlines in order to become Certified Eagle Mentors (or for Eagles to deepen their learning and skills, and to complete their re-certification requirements)--in a progressive and timely manner.    (Photo: Red Tent 2014, including 5 graduates of the first Eagle Express!)


Hibernating bear mentorSometimes Bear Mentors lose their way or fall asleep in their caves after their juicy Advanced Retreat. Momentum to complete the certification requirements may be lost by feelings of isolation or uncertainty.  Perhaps the reading list, paper work, or recordings seem daunting or out of reach. Don’t let “Procrastination Hibernation” set  in! We are pleased to be offering a second session of our popular and effective "EAGLE EXPRESS": a 15-month distance class and peer support circle for Advanced and Certified Mentors, designed to guide and accelerate your Mentor certification (or recertification) process.  Only $350. Begins October 2014.


Join other Bears and hop on the Eagle Express, bound for the Red Tent 2016!
Departing October 2014:
A direct route to supported learning and certification.
“One-way Tickets” for the Eagle Express are also available for Eagles seeking to deepen their mentoring skills and/or work towards recertification (required every 3 years).


The 15-month Eagle Express is comprised of five (three-month long) modules (see below). Each module will be further broken down into one-month sections, with bite-sized reading and learning tasks. You and your peers will focus your attention on one aspect of advanced childbirth mentoring skills by reading, practicing, and integrating a specific set of skills with the support and encouragement of Pam, Virginia, and like-minded peers.

What's new?

The first Eagle Express session ended in April, and five Certified Mentors from that group attended the Red Tent! We've asked all 22 participants from the last session to give us their feedback, and we've made some improvements reflecting their suggestions for making it an even better offering!

These changes include:

~ Monthly break-down of tasks to increase focus, make it do-able, and build that sense of progress and accomplishment.

~ Small study groups. We will divide the whole Eagle Express cohort into mini peer groups of 4-6 Mentors to form a more intimate learning environment and support structure. These study groups will "meet" on their own once a month via conference call. We think that smaller groups will strengthen the sense of community and accountability. Choose to form your own study-group with friends from your Advanced Retreat or other Bears you know; or we will create your study-group based on time-zone and/or personal goals (as expressed in your application, at bottom).

Each three-month module includes:

One 75-minute all-group conference call with Pam and/or Virginia (plus invaluable ongoing peer support).

Reading (and discussing) selected books from the reading list (and making your book notes as you go). 

According to the three-month module topic, you will complete the applicable section of the Advanced Home-Study/Journal.

Keeping up with record-keeping and forms related to: classes, births, continuing ed, etc., completed in that 3 month period.

Making a video recording of yourself demonstrating (with parents) the current module's technique or skill; submitting the recording, and getting immediate feedback—as you go—rather than waiting for feedback at the end of a year or two!

You can choose to submit each part of your packet to your Advisor as you go; or compile it and submit it whenever it is complete. 

(Additional tasks may be assigned on an as-needed basis, but you will not have more requirements to become certified than Bears who are not in this program.)

In addition to six group conference calls, you will benefit from one 60-minute private call and two 75-minute small peer-group calls with Virginia or Pam, scheduled over the course of the 15 months.

When the 15-months is over (December 2015), if you keep up, your Certification packet will be complete and ready to submit to your Advisor in time for our next Red Tent in the Spring of 2016! Can you feel your Eagle feathers sprouting? Then, get ready to take flight!


Here are the five main module topics (not necessarily in this order):

  • Support for your personal work with the Archetypes in your work and for your Mitote process
  • In-depth exploration of our model of the Archetypes of Birth within the Birth Warrior's Journey.

EAGLE EXPRESS II  begins OCTOBER 2014: We are taking applications now.

Day and time of our group calls will be determined by participants, once the roster is set.
Class size is limited, and we expect it to fill quickly, so hurry to hold your spot! 


If you wish to join the Eagle Express, here’s what you need to do:

1.  Pay a $150 deposit online: 

The $150 deposit holds your spot, and is fully refundable if you are not accepted or withdraw prior to October 1, 2014. (Full cost of the course is $350  and no discounts apply). Balance must be paid in full by Oct. 1, 2014.

2.  Send your “application” ASAP by email to Virginia with the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. City, state, country
  3. Time-zone
  4. Best days/times for our group conference call (call attendance is not required, and recordings will be archived & accessible)
  5. Date/location of your Advanced Retreat
  6. Your current Advisor
  7. Your three top priorities and intentions in taking this course, besides "getting certified." (These will be used to help us create your mini study-group.)

Once the course has begun, there are no refunds or credit under any  circumstances (as your spot cannot be filled once the session has started). Priority is given to Bears. (Eagles working towards re-certification will be accepted, space-permitting.)