Do you have questions about how the BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® Mentor Certification Program works? Then you are in the right place! If you do not find the information you need, please contact us.

How do I enroll in the Mentor Certification Program?

After you finish your Introductory Workshop, fill out the Mentor Program Application and the Mentor Agreement. You can give them to the Facilitator at your workshop, or mail, fax or scan/email them to the Mentor Program Director. Your enrollment fee of $325.00 can be paid online, or you can mail a check to our office: PO Box 60259, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0259.

How much does it cost to enroll, and what do I get?

There are two steps to becoming a Certified Mentor: the Level One HomeStudy and the Advanced HomeStudy.
The initial fee to enroll in our Mentor Program is $325. This covers all your costs for completing your Level One HomeStudy. Here is what you get:
  • A Home-Study Packet, which includes your Insight Journal, reading list, and all other forms needed to document your teaching and birth-related practice.
  • Your own personal Advisor (an experienced Certified Mentor, personally selected and trained by Pam England).
  • A free listing on our online Class listings, so parents and other professionals (even Oprah!) can contact you about your classes.
  • The “secret” password to access our private Mentor Discussion Board, which is open to Mentors around the world.
  • Monthly conference calls with Certified Mentors, for ongoing fellowship and learning.
  • Quarterly Mentor newsletters with the latest BFW news, hot tips from Pam England, and lots of juicy tidbits for enhancing your BFW business and classes.
  • Special gatherings just for our Mentors, including international conferences, rejuvenating retreats, and regional "Mentor Mashes" for learning, practice, and peer support.
  • Annual dues for the first year are included ($100). 

What other costs are involved with the Program?

After completing the Level One HomeStudy, you must attend an Advanced Mentor Retreat. This workshop is a 5-7 day residential retreat for Mentors only; the tuition is $850-950, plus room and board (about $750-900) and travel. This fee covers your complete Advanced HomeStudy packet, Advisor support, and continuation of all the benefits listed above. Mentors also pay $100 a year in annual dues. Your first year's dues are covered in the initial program enrollment fee. Complete fee schedule.
Mentors are also responsible for related expenses, including business costs, books, class materials, etc. 

Is there a time limit for enrolling?

Yes! You need to enroll within four months of your Introductory Workshop and begin practicing what you learned as soon as possible! If you couldn't make up your mind, and more than four months have elapsed, take advantage of our repeater discount and take an Introductory Workshop again!

Can I do a home study/long distance certification without taking an Introductory Workshop?

Not yet. The HomeStudy Packet is a continuation of the training begun in the Introductory Workshop. Without attending the workshop, you will not have enough information to complete the HomeStudy effectively.

Who will my Advisor be? How often can I consult her?

Your Advisor will be a Certified Mentor who was hand-picked and extensively trained because she demonstrated a thorough understanding of BIRTHING FROM WITHIN, is interested in personal growth and development, and embodies the warmth and desire to guide new Mentors.
After the assignment is made, your Advisor will send you a letter of introduction. You will have two scheduled consultations with your Advisor. The first consultation should take place 6-8 weeks after you enroll in the Program. The second consultation will be scheduled after your Advisor has reviewed your completed Home Study packet. Consultations may be by phone, email, or in person. We also expect a regular brief check-in between Advisor and Mentor, usually by monthly email. Remember, you can get free peer consultation at any time on the Mentor Discussion Board, and also during our monthly conference calls.

How long does the certification process usually take?

We encourage and expect Mentors to complete both levels of the Certification Program between three and five years. This means you ideally attend an Advanced Workshop within two years of your Introductory Workshop, so you can complete your Advanced HomeStudy in time. Most Mentors take between 12-18 months to complete each of the two levels of HomeStudy. This will vary depending on workshop scheduling and life happenings.

What if I need more time?

If more than three years has elapsed and you have yet to attend an advanced retreat, you can certainly fill out an extension request form and BFW will review it. You might also need to repeat an Introductory Workshop or possibly attend anotherBIRTHING FROM WITHIN workshop, retreat or online course. These are offered regularly and in varying locations. Talk it over with your Advisor or the office.

I’m not certified yet, and/or I’ve never taught childbirth classes before, when can I start teaching classes?

The only way to really learn how to mentor childbirth classes is by doing it! As part of your HomeStudy (and before you can register for the Advanced Training) you MUST teach, or co-teach, at least one childbirth class which incorporates the principles, practices, and processes you learned at your Introductory Workshop. You don’t have to be certified to teach a childbirth class! Don’t undersell your experience and don't undercharge for your classes. If you feel unworthy to charge for your services, do it anyway and put the money toward your Advanced workshop.