Birthing From Within's foundation training is for anyone who wants to experience and learn about our unique and powerful model of childbirth preparation.

Are you seeking to motivate and prepare parents to give birth from within?

Participants typically describe this three-day workshop as “life-changing,” “mind-turning,” and “heart-opening.” Most say they got more, much more, than they expected, and that learning this refreshing approach to doula work and mentoring parents was as worthwhile as the personal growth they experienced. They were surprised to learn that there is so much more to Birthing  From Within than what is covered in the book! 

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We are eager to share this uplifting approach, philosophy, unique language, and our key processes with you. In this hands-on workshop, you will experience profound paradigm shifts, not unlike what parents experience with Birthing From Within classes, processes, and initiation.


You will learn how to:

• Deeply listen to parents and engage in a totally new way of discussing what's important to them.
• Plan and serve "gourmet" childbirth classes, that really make a difference.
• Learn about Birth as a Warrior's Journey, and how it guides childbirth preparation and integration.
• Cultivate a solution-focused mindset in parents (instead of problem- or fear-based thinking).
• Build pain-coping awareness, determination, resilience, and confidence.
• Prepare fathers and birth partners in an amazing class designed just for them.
• Envision a c-section becoming a cesarean birth.
• Use birth art processes to help parents see birth and themselves in new ways.
• Motivate expectant parents for change, empowering them to take action and move through fears and unhelpful habitual ways of thinking.
• Understand and utilize the energies of birth in a totally new way.
• Most importantly: you will learn how to help prevent or reduce emotional birth trauma in parents, by using pregnancy as a tool for self-awareness, growth, and an expanding sense of courage and determination.



We believe new and experienced doulas and birth-related professionals benefit from:

  • New inspiration, a fresh perspective, and peer support;
  • Cultivating communication skills and learning a delicious, indirect style that motivates and teaches parents before, during, and after birth;
  • A 100 page Workshop Workbook outlining essential ingredients and basic recipes for motivating and mentoring parents to birth-from-within!
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What Does A BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Class Look Like? See For Yourself!

Birthing From Within class is not like any other childbirth class! After learning the basic structure of the classes and experiencing several processes in the Introduction Workshop, most participants wonder what this kind of class actually looks like. We want you to succeed, so we will show you! During our Introductory Workshop, you will witness a Birthing From Within Class as your Facilitator leads women through a two-hour Birthing From Within demonstration class. You will see Introductions That Teach, a pain-coping practice and an “entrée” served up! You will see with your own eyes how much can be done in two hours; you will see and hear women (and usually men too!) undergoing profound shifts in their thinking and self-confidence. You have to see it to believe it!

Who Can Come to This Workshop?

Everyone!  Because everyone who tells an expectant mother or father a birth story, or what to expect, is  “teaching” parents, so EVERYONE is welcome take our workshop.

Join us in initiating parents to "birth from within"!

In whatever context you encounter expectant and postpartum families, you can make a difference. We welcome childbirth teachers of all kinds:  doulas, midwives, nurses, doctors, lactation consultants, counselors & therapists, holistic health professional, therapists, yoga teachers, mothers, fathers, and grandmothers! During the past five years, we have noticed an increase in attendance by mothers whose labor and postpartum was positively influenced by Birthing From Within: from reading the book and/or taking a childbirth class. Mothers who gave birth from within are now initiating new mothers and fathers in the power of birthing from within!

Too busy to teach classes, but you want to work with parents?

No problem! You don’t need a classroom and six classes to affect parents’ pathway to birth. Birth professionals (rushing from patient to patient in ten minute pre-natals) often underestimate their power to positively influence what parents believe and do; parents learn from every interaction. As a doula, you are in the unique position of touching parents right in the heart of labor. What you do and say MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Of you have prenatal and postpartum contact with parents, you have many opportunities to mentor them. Are they learning what you mean to teach them?

Validate, Motivate, Educate, Initiate, Celebrate!

This workshop gives you new tools to be more effective in every situation: learn how to validate and motivate parents and how to cultivate their emotional and personal growth during pregnancy. Learn the power of semantic awareness and delicious, imagery-inducing speech—making every word count! Don’t underestimate your power!  Did you know that in ten-minute mini-classes conducted during brief interactions with expectant  couples, you can teach them pain-coping practices that will double their pain-coping confidence? These practices can also be taught on the spot, during labor! Immerse yourself in this innovative, holistic approach that educates and initiates parents in their childbearing year,
and nourishes and inspires your own work and personal growth.

Continuing Education Hours: This workshop has been approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing for 20 contact hours (provider #12800); and by the Australian College of Midwives for 20 MIDPlus points.
We have led workshops around the world: all over the U.S. and Canada; England; South Africa; Australia; and Israel. 

This Introductory Workshop is the first step to becoming a Certified Birthing From Within Doula or Mentor. You may take this workshop without enrolling in our Certification Programs. However, for many women, attending this workshop is just the beginning of an amazing, life-changing journey with Birthing From Within. Join us!

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