The Nomadic Mentor: Motivational mentoring wherever you are

We are eager to share this uplifting approach, philosophy, unique language, and our key processes with you. In this hands-on workshop, you will experience profound paradigm shifts, not unlike what parents experience with Birthing From Within classes, processes, and initiation.



You will learn:

  • The four ancient maps that guide the modern Birth Warrior and birth professonals
  • How the childbearing year parallels the heroic journey
  • A solution-focused teaching style that motivates for change (vs. problem- or fear-based discussions).
  • Pain-coping practices that build confidence
  • What every father and birth partner needs to know
  • How to prevent or reduce emotional birth trauma in parents


Who Can Come to This Workshop?

Everyone!  Because everyone who tells an expectant mother or father a birth story, or what to expect, is  “teaching” parents, so everyone is welcome take our workshop.

Validate, Motivate, Educate, Initiate, Celebrate!

This workshop gives you new tools to be more effective in every situation: learn how to validate and motivate parents and how to cultivate their emotional and personal growth during pregnancy. Learn the power of semantic awareness and delicious, imagery-inducing speech—making every word count! Don’t underestimate your power!  Did you know that in ten-minute mini-classes conducted during brief interactions with expectant  couples, you can teach them pain-coping practices that will double their pain-coping confidence? These practices can also be taught on the spot, during labor! Immerse yourself in this innovative, holistic approach that educates and initiates parents in their childbearing year,
and nourishes and inspires your own work and personal growth.