LABYRINTH of BIRTH:                                                                                          Creating a Map, Meditations, and Rituals for the Childbearing Year
by Pam England

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol representing our journey through life, ordeals, and transitions. Its single, convoluted pathway begins at the opening, leads directly to the center, and out again. The journey into the labyrinth's center is symbolic of letting go and of psychic death; the journey from the center out of the labyrinth represents  birth, integration, and rebirth. The sensation of turning inward, then outward in the convoluted pathways may remind us of our first journey from our mother's body into the world.                                                                                             

When I learned about the labyrinth, and after I experienced it as a meditation, I saw it as the perfect symbol or "map" of the hero's journey and a woman's emotional and physical journey through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Studies show that walking or tracing a labyrinth slows down and balances brainwaves, calms the body and mind, and helps us access intuitive knowing. This makes the labyrinth an indispensible tool that helps women focus and feel calm in labor.

In this beautifully illustrated book, you will learn:

  • About childbirth labyrinths and rituals from other cultures
  • How to draw or sculpt a labyrinth, and turn it into a LabOrinth 
  • Fourteen labyrinth meditations and ceremonies
  • How tracing a labyrinth while using pain-coping practices can help you concentrate and cope in labor.

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