A Map, Meditations and Rituals for the Childbearing Year

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol representing our journey through life, ordeals, and transitions. Its single, convoluted pathway begins at the opening, leads directly to the center, and out again. Walking or finger-tracing a labyrinth invokes a sensation of turning inward, then outward, perhaps reminding us of our first journey from our mother's body into the world.
When I learned about the labyrinth, and after I experienced it as a meditation, I saw it a the perfect symbol or "map" of a hero's journey and a woman's emotional and physical journey through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. By adding personal symbols to your labyrinth, it becomes a Labyrinth, a tool to help you be calm and focused in labor, and to find your way through the childbearing year.
One of the best ways to be prepared to meet the unexpected challenges that will come in labor and postpartum is to learn a Great Story. Over the years. countless parents have told me that during the intensity of labor and postpartum, while the facts they learned and the plans they made receded into the background or were forgotten altogether, they were able to follow in the footsteps of a hero they identified with in a Great Story. During this workshop, you will learn:

  • A Warrior's journey story to guide you through your Labyrinth of birth
  • About childbirth labyrinths and rituals from other cultures
  • How to make a labyrinth, and turn it into a Labyrinth (art materials included)
  • Labyrinth meditations
  • Using the labyrinth with pain-coping practices to help you cope in labor.
  • This workshop is for all expectant parents and professionals.

Children and babies, no matter how adorable, cannot attend this workshop. The space is small, and there will be art materials about. Please find childcare at home.
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There are no Labyrinth Workshops scheduled at this time: Please contact our office if you wish to arrange one, or be contacted when one is scheduled.