If you want to motivate and initiate parents to birth from within, you have come to the right place. We welcome all aspiring, experienced, certified, creative (or burnt-out) childbirth educators, midwives, nurses, doulas, therapists, yoga teachers, and moms to become Mentors and agents of change!

Our Workshops and Certification Program go way beyond the amazing book that started it all!

Parents who love the book say they were hungry to experience the processes with a Mentor and other parents, and that their experience deeply and authentically prepared them for birth and parenting.

The Journey to Become a Certified Mentor

To begin our Mentor Certification Program, you must first attend an entire Introduction to BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® Workshop. Once you are enrolled in the Certification Program, you will be assigned an Advisor who will guide you toward certification. Your name will be listed on the parent "Find a Class Near You" online directory, and you will receive your HomeStudy packet in the mail.

During this part of your journey toward certification, you will have the support and guidance of your Advisor, (free) monthly Mentor conference calls and the invaluable support of your peers on the online Mentor Discussion Board.

After attending the first workshop and completing your Intro HomeStudy requirements, you will move into the advanced part of the certification process. You will attend a six-day retreat workshop then complete your Advanced HomeStudy requirements. Once your packet has been reviewed and approved by your Advisor, you become a Certified BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Mentor!

The HomeStudy and Practice requirements for the Introductory level of training should be completed within one year; they include the following:

  • Complete the HomeStudy/Insight Journal
  • Read the Level One Required Reading list and write brief book notes
  • Attend four births per year
  • Mentor a BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Childbirth Class
  • Conduct an individual birth art session with a pregnant woman
  • Record yourself leading a "Birth Tiger Safari" with parents (either audio or video recording)
  • Mentor journaling

    You will submit your completed HomeStudy packet to your Advisor for review and have a final consultation with her. Once you satisfactorily complete the Introductory HomeStudy, you can attend the Advanced Training. We recommend that you attend your Advanced Training no later than 18 months following your Introductory Workshop. The Advanced Training is a six-day residential retreat that takes your mentoring skills to a whole new level.

    Your Advanced Home Study & Practice requirements include the following:

    1. The Advanced HomeStudy/Insight Journal packet
    2. Read the Advanced Required Reading List and write brief book notes
    3. Continue to attend four births per year
    4. Mentor a Birthin' Again class series
    5. Mentor a regular BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Childbirth Class for parents using the new Advanced processes
    6. Conduct a process painting session with parents
    7. Record yourself leading specific four 15-minute segments of your classes (either audio or video)

    You will submit your completed Advanced HomeStudy to your Advisor. When you have shown a thorough understanding of, and ability to convey, the ideas and processes of the BIRTHING FROM WITHIN approach, your Advisor will award you BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Mentor Certification.

    As a Certified BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Mentor, you will join a highly skilled, talented and growing group of women who are impacting birth in our culture in profound ways.

    Join us on this life-changing and highly personal journey!

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