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Ancient Map for Modern Birth














Pam England, author and founder of "Birthing From Within," is reviving a nearly forgotten tradition of using labyrinth meditations, ceremonies and great stories in childbirth preparation and healing. She wrote this book  in response to a growing yearning among new parents for ceremony and personal growth during the childbearing year.

The timeless and powerful symbol of the labyrinth forms the core of this collection of fourteen meditations and ceremonies designed to transform the experience of the childbearing year. A variety of labyrinths, including childbirth labyrinths from many cultures and traditions, are presented in this book, along with the history and symbolism of the labyrinth and black-and-white illustrations and photos on nearly every page. Beautiful instructions for drawing and making a variety of labyrinths are included. 







Birthing From Within, by Birthing From Within by Pam England
Read the inspiring book that is revolutionizing childbirth preparation! Once you open this book, you will be drawn in by its exquisite design, illustrations, poignant birth art and stories from parents, and captivating titles.  Cross-cultural wisdom, a subtle Zen spin, and a New Mexican flavor add to its unique appeal. Birthing From Within included a highly original 65-page section on coping with labor pain, which alone made this book of infinite value to parents and professionals alike. 

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Ancient Map for Modern Birth, by Pam England



This book is essential for pregnant women and anyone who works with women in the childbearing year. Makes a lovely gift for a mother-to-be: the perfect companion to "Birthing From Within." 




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