What brings you here, to Birthing From Within?

  • Are you mystified by how many women are having trouble giving birth normally? 
  • Do you wonder how few seem to want to give birth normally? 
  • Do you feel something is missing in Childbirth Education? 
  • Do you wish you could DO something about it?

We think you can! 

Many women, both mothers and birth professionals, are longing for something they feel is missing from the whole childbearing experience. We have come to believe that more information will fill every hole and answer every question. But most of us probably don’t need more information. What is it you long for? What is Calling to you?

Listen deeply.

Women in our culture are not being initiated into the ways of birth and parenting, because our grandmothers were not initiated. It is time for us to Remember, to make time for, to risk everything, to bring initiation back into Birth's Rite of Passage. 
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