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"I could not imagine not having Birthing From Within as part of my life.  Like in so many stories that we were told as children, I feel that Birthing From Within was a pivotal experience in my life that literally gave me new lenses through which to see the world.  I was educated in the clinical model, I KNEW birth, or so I thought.  I came to realize that there is a huge difference between knowing and understanding.  I always saw something special in some doctors or midwives that I could not explain, a certain being with the client that was palpable in the room. Birthing From Within has taught me that incredible skill, I am able to recognize the needs in my clients, I am able to see in them not only from my own past experience, but on the level that they are at, and relate to them in that place which builds an incredible relationship.  This is the beauty of midwifery, and Pam and Virginia are truly gifted mentors to anyone ready to open their mind and heart to an incredible journey, you will not regret it."
Colleen Marotta (Certified Nurse Midwife)


"The program has changed me as a human being, it is more than just childbirth education, it is life education. Pam's commitment to see truth and beauty in everything is inspiring and has inspired me to dig deeper, listen deeper and become a profound mentor to those who cross my path." ~Sunshine (Midwife)

"Birthing From Within has begun to fill and heal a cavern in my soul that was growing wider as the years went by. I was a busy L&D nurse, trying to protect and save parents from themselves, the medical establishment, and our cultural expectations. It was a lot of work and wore me down. I was busy saving fish from drowning—an impossible task that not only frustrates the fisherwoman, but also kills the fish! With this new perspective and my personal growth as a result of my trainings and work towards certification, I am beginning to realize it's not my job to go around "saving" parents and getting them to see things "my" way. I am there for them as they discover amazing insights on their own. And I learn at least as much as they do!" ~Donna (Nurse)

"The new awareness I've gained has had profound and unexpected effects on all aspects of my life. It helped me to meet the challenges of a recent miscarriage with surrender and courage. It was one of the most difficult times of my life, but I was able to mindfully greet each moment and live and grow and gain strength through the experience. What could have been a spirit-crushing defeat was a great triumph as I chose to play the part of a warrior and refused to be a victim." ~Heather

"I've been teaching Birthing From Within for seven years. Although I have been attending births for over 25 years, I was never interested in teaching childbirth preparation classes—until Birthing From Within came along. It's the only method that has ever made sense to me. I feel honored to sit in a circle with expectant parents as they discover what they already know about birth, gather their coping skills and prepare for an incomparable rite of passage. I am touched deeply as I witness their individual journeys of self-discovery. It is profound to see my former students months or years later. They have woven their birth experiences into the fabric of their lives as they emerged from the labyrinth with a babe in arms. I love my work!" ~Carol(Midwife) 

"I just had what was probably the most amazing class ever! I am on fire right now—I’ve been so blown away by all this. Thank you so much for bringing all of this into my life. I can’t sleep.. whoa!" ~Barbara

"Working with pregnant women and their families and attending births has been my life's vocation for over 20 years. I often hear about women's fears, worries, and hopes about labor and birth. I  found Birthing From Within to be that important bridge in the gap of caring and listening that I was missing in my work with clients. Birthing From Within knows that is the woman's right brain that births and becomes a mother, and it encourages the laboring family to draw upon their multitude of resources. This goes way beyond the intellectualized and authoritarian model of traditional childbirth education." ~Kathy (Certified Nurse Midwife)

"I am so glad and grateful that I am a part of such a soulful, spirited program. Birthing From Within encourages EVERYONE to get back to the roots of their spirit journey, not just of pregnancy and labor, but all aspects of one's journey through their lifetime." ~Naima


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"This workshop opened my heart again to the mystery and wonder and transformational power of birth and ignited hope for women and their families in this country. It has made a difference in how, as a Certified Nurse Midwife, I work with parents. Birthing From Within® has the power to ignite a woman's confidence and transform her life. Thank you."  

“These facilitators are exceptional. Their passion and commitment are clear and infectious.” 

"After attending a Level 1 workshop, I feel that the Birthing From Within approach is essential and that the other types of classes are not truly necessary. Thanks for pointing to a path and a way of life that is 'whole-hearted.'"

"Awesome, life-changing  workshop! I can’t wait to use the things I learned here in my own life as well as help make a difference in how parents experience birth! Great instructors—lots of warm energy!”

"Thank you for such an incredible workshop. Let me just say right now: My World Was Rocked! There are so many things about Birthing From Within that intrigue, scare, and excite me. Thank you for the love you instill in the process."

"I enjoyed every moment of this workshop and I am so grateful to the facilitators who encouraged and continue to encourage my growth. Thank you!"

“I have been blown away to a place of deep, deep validation. After this weekend, I feel more clear about my intentions and excited about sharing this way of teaching. Birthing From Within is not just a program, it is a way of life that I plan to incorporate throughout my journey. This philosophy resonates so so so deeply to my inner core."

"I am absolutely inspired by the skills and techniques taught in this class, and hope to incorporate many of them in my future midwifery practice." (Anonymous)

"I feel that I have a strong foundation from which to build my practice.  The excitement that has built, realizing the journey I will experience personally has been transformational." (Jenn Barton)

"Thank you BFW for gifting all women with the opportunity to take the journey to wholeness." (Julie Briscoe)

"This experience went so much deeper than I expected.  It was a gift… a blessing during a time of personal transition.  I am greatly looking forward to the next one!" (Jenn Barton)

"Thank you so much!!  What a wonderful weekend!  Looking forward to more!" (Anonymous)

"Virginia was poised, grounded, confident and on task.  She truly embodied her work, making for an authentic and beautiful representation of what "Birthing From Within" is all about.  Anyone could take her class and leave with treasure." (Anonymous)

 Some Testimonials from attendants of our first two intro workshops in Australia (2010)

"So much information and practice – a thorough and extremely fulfilling workshop.  BFW was my only resource for my first birth and I always wanted to do more with BFW.  Now I have more information and the experience has gone beyond anything I imagined.  Thank you! (Mara Dower)

"Thank you.  Affirming, enlightening and very compelling!" (Anonymous)

"Excellent workshop.  Very positive and inspirational material.  Thank you Virginia and Pam. Went to a birth Saturday and you reminded me what lovely work this is!" (Anonymous)

"BFW has changed me!  I would never have imagined that the workshop would, or could, be so transformative. I cannot wait to continue on with further development of such vital skills. The objectives were clear and very well presented!  In the few days following the workshop, I have been able to apply many of the concepts to my birth-related work and my day-to-day relationships."  (Hana Jones)


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"My Mentor spoke from a place in her heart that resonated experience, understanding, power, and warmth. Thanks to her, I broke through barriers that would have inhibited me in childbirth. I learned a lot about myself, my partner and birth, and felt my confidence grow with every passing week."  ~Jen

"I just wanted to tell you how much I got out of my Birthing From Within class. It really helped me to stay in the moment and enjoy my birth experience even though it was not the home birth we planned. I swore I would never set foot in the hospital to give birth—that was my worst fear! But after 33 hours of labor, we went to the hospital and had the whole cascade of medical interventions we swore would never touch our baby. But I was able to still feel like it was my experience. Our class helped me to be present despite the medical interventions, and not feel guilty about it later."  ~Julie

"The great atmosphere created during class allowed everybody to share intimate feelings without feeling awkward. Our class prepared me to have a positive, non-fearful attitude towards birth."  ~Victor

"I found the book fascinating, but it wasn't until I took a Birthing From Within class while pregnant with my third child that I realized what an amazing approach this is, especially since I am not artistic and was a little apprehensive about the art. But the incredible insights I had!! And also seeing my husband's positive reactions and insights! I learned so much about his ideas and feelings about our upcoming birth. This class was eye-opening and transformational for both of us."  ~Cindy

"It is amazing to see that even second time parents can benefit so much from classes and often I hear the comment, 'if only I would have known this the first time!'"  ~Brenda

"When I made the decision to have a home birth, my family was concerned and skeptical I'd deal well with the pain. I was nervous! My Birthing From Within classes gave me confidence in myself. They taught me that I would find my way, and that I could trust my body to do what was needed in labor, when I no longerKNEW what to do. I really let go and focused on the whole experience as miraculous…the classes gave me permission to use my voice to cope and completely dissolved my self-consciousness about vocalization. During my birth, my mom and husband were in awe of my ability to cope and have shared with many people how amazing they thought I was. It gave me access to the power of my body and pride in that power. My life's work now includes sharing that with other women."  ~Megan 

"The classes have opened our eyes, minds, and hearts to a lot of amazing truths about the birth journey…my wife has felt deeply empowered and informed. We've talked about and become more aware of our feelings, our relationship, and the shape of our journey."  ~Stuart

"As a doula, I enjoy teaching parents the pain-coping techniques. We talk about how these practices don't end with labor or cesarean birth pain; they are also incredibly helpful postpartum when learning to breastfeed, or when baby won't stop crying, or when myriad other stressful or painful things come up during the adjustment to parenthood. Parents develop skills which give them a sense of resourcefulness, confidence, and of being parents, and not just a couple who will be giving birth."   ~Kristina


BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® retreats are special workshops designed for our Mentors' personal growth and learning.  Read what women say after they return home…

"In the birth arena, this is the best money, time, and energy you will EVER spend! It is a huge commitment, but the rewards of truly mentoring are so amazing that you would be foolish not to do it. You won't get this anywhere else on the planet!" ~Linda

"When I went to my first Birthing From Within workshop, I was so totally re-invented that I thought it wasn't possible for it to happen again. At my Advanced Retreat, I feel that this time I went all the way through to the other side of myself and discovered what lurks in the depths of my being" ~Lia

"I had heard that attending an Advanced Retreat was a life-changing experience. My hopes were so high coming in that I thought there was absolutely no way they would be met. The retreat far exceeded even my loftiest expectations. I spent the whole week feeling SO alive and renewed and came home with a new sense of peace and purpose and passion. I'm still trying to get to the point where I can even find words to describe the shifts and changes that happened for me there. I wonder if I ever will. It was an indescribably joyful (and often exquisitely painful) experience." ~Denise

"It was worth everything it took to get there. For those considering, I would say GO! Go when you are ready, go when you are afraid you are not ready. Go when you hear the call, however faint or far away or jumbled it may sound. It is calling you. Answer it. And that is all you must do. Just answer it and know that you will be held and, in your seeking, you may not find what you think you would or ought or should, but you will BE found, and this can only come after you take that step to walk into what is not known, but must be traveled all the same. GO! Go! Go!!" ~Isabel