Our Doula From Within Workshops and Certification Program cultivate personal growth, creativity, confidence, and spiritual & psychological awareness in birth attendants and the parents they work with.
Women enamored with the birth process are called to attend women in labor. It’s not something every woman is called to do, but for those who are, it is the most natural, satisfying thing to do. Care-taking mothers in-labor and early postpartum is a centuries-old tradition throughout the world.
Midwives, nurses and doctors are specially trained to oversee the physical care and safety of mothers and babies. But mothers and fathers also need another special kind of attention during their childbearing transitions. New parents do better physically and emotionally in labor and early postpartum when they receive unconditional emotional and spiritual support and guidance. 
So, more and more mothers and fathers are looking for this support from a woman experienced in, enamored with, and trustful of birth and the mother’s intuition. She could be a friend, a relative, or a woman trained to provide this service professionally. As you know, this woman is called a doula or birth companion.
Other health professionals can offer emotional support, but unfortunately they are often focused on other aspects of their role and cannot consistently provide this attention. Emotional support can be offered by fathers or partners, but they are usually inexperienced in birth and they too need emotional support and guidance. When fathers and partners are supported by a doula, they say they feel more emotionally and physically involved with the birth of their child, rather than feeling left out. A doula’s only role and purpose in labor is to provide parents with emotional support and guidance in coping with pain, fear, and exhaustion.
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