Our excellent, unique BIRTHING FROM WITHIN® Mentor Certification Program stands alone. We know that by living and mentoring in mindfulness, our Mentors are creating a paradigm shift in the birth culture and helping parents reclaim the spirituality of birth.

We understand how challenging it can be to work in birth and to integrate innovative and inspired ways of thinking into our work with parents. Therefore we have created a highly personalized and supportive program, which is committed to nurturing and inspiring your own learning and growth.

Though anyone can lead parents in exercises from the book, BIRTHING FROM WITHIN, our Mentor Workshops and HomeStudy program give you the confidence and understanding you need to deeply understand and effectively teach our approach. Upon completing the Introductory (Level One) Workshop, you can enroll in our Mentor Certification Program (within three months of the workshop).

We believe that, in addition to self-study, journaling, and completing the reading and other requirements, our Mentors thrive when they themselves are mentored. So, we have developed a unique program that offers personal support and professional guidance from peers and Advisors.

As a BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Mentor in our Certification Program, you are:

Assigned a personal Advisor. Your Advisor is a Certified Mentor who has been selected and specially trained to consult with and guide new Mentors. She will give you constructive feedback on your HomeStudy & Practice. Consultations with your Advisor will take place by email or phone, unless you live in the same community and can meet in person.

Listed on our website in the Mentor listings under Childbirth Classes for Parents.

Allowed access to the Mentor Discussion Board. This exclusive and active forum is where you meet with other Mentors from around the world to thrash out and explore various ideas, problems, and current trends related to personal growth and exploration, mentoring, and initiating parents.

Sent a HomeStudy Packet, including the Mentor Insight Journal, a 60-page journal written and designed by Pam England to provide ongoing support as you try onBIRTHING FROM WITHIN processes with parents.

Welcomed at our private monthly conference calls. These calls on various topics are led by Advisors, Facilitators, and Certified Mentors. Join Mentors from around the world and enjoy interactive discussions about building your business, deepening your understanding of BIRTHING FROM WITHIN philosophy, and learning new ways of enriching your life and your work with parents.

Invited to Mentor-only gatherings, conferences, and retreats. “Mentor Mashes” are often held quarterly in places where there are several Mentors living and working. 2006 marked our first BIRTHING FROM WITHIN conference/retreat, which was open only to our Mentors. Pam England always has some special things planned—you won't want to miss these events!

Supported in your business by receiving a quarterly Mentor newsletter, exclusive use of BIRTHING FROM WITHIN’s logos, artwork, and trademarks, and marketing materials and ideas.

Given a discount on products in our store (10%) and on workshop fees. Because repeating a workshop deepens your confidence and understanding ofBIRTHING FROM WITHIN, we honor your intention with a 50% discount, when you register as a repeater for a second Introductory or Advanced Workshop.

The BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Mentor Program is not simply about training educators; our program transforms you into a Mentor who is able to"Validate, Motivate, Educate, Initiate, and Celebrate!" and make a real difference in birth!

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